Exploring traditional grieving rituals, lethe provides a tangible response to the disappearance of mourning practices. Designed to allow the mourners to focus the overwhelming feeling of loss on creating a ceramic urn for their loved one's ashes, it is meant to be a collaborative service for ceramic novices and amateurs. Tools and personalised lids provide a space for customisation and remembrance while the process of making urns is in itself liberating.

This project evolved as a response to the growing phenomenon of grief taking over social media platforms. In order to break the taboo surrounding death in British culture and implement a method to channel emotions of grief, lethe is using a tactile and participatory act of making an urn. Participants are invited to a ceramic workshop where they are encouraged to put their grief to use and create ceramic containers for their loved one’s ashes. During the process they can share stories and familiarize themselves with each other’s take on mourning. The final outcome is a smaller urn which allows for the ashes to be shared between friends and family members and which can also accommodate various levels of personalisation.
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